E-waste collection project “WEEE RECYCLED”





AO Vitality

Main field:

Coalitions for the management of local and global chemicals


2021.03.15 - 2022.09.15

Grant amount:

29 519 $


In procces

Within the framework of the "Project for the collection of electronic waste" DEEERECICLAD'or ", it is proposed to provide residents of the left bank of the Dniester - Transnistrian region with a network of collection, safe storage and preparation for transportation of electronic waste for further disposal, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from non-recycled waste, and so on. contribute to the protection of the environment and public health The proposed project is aimed at cooperation of environmental associations from the two banks in the field of joint disposal of electronic waste WEEE. The presented project is sustainable with long-term expected socioeconomic and environmental benefits. It should be noted that due to the network of collection and processing of these wastes, environmental pollution by hazardous chemicals will decrease, as well as the risk of various diseases of the population will decrease in accordance with the provisions of Goal 9 of the Country Support of the GEF SGP in Moldova (promotion and support and chemical pollutants representing the global community interest). On the other hand, there will be economic benefits, since most of this waste consists of components containing materials that can be recovered through recycling and thus returned to the economic cycle, contributing to the country's economic growth. In the course of the project, it is planned to create an infrastructure in the Transnistrian region for the regular and long-term collection of electronic waste, as well as subsequent disposal.

The project plans to create 100 collection points, one for each project beneficiary institution, and provide these collection points with 200 containers for storing and sorting e-waste. Accordingly, each beneficiary institution of the project will receive 2 waste containers, one for the collection of e-waste and one for the collection of used portable batteries and accumulators. Also, in the Transnistrian region, all necessary measures will be taken to inform, educate and actively involve the population in the separate collection and storage of electronic waste in the provided containers, which will facilitate their further disposal and prevent the storage of hazardous waste for many years in office buildings, schools, as well as in private homes of the local population. An important role of this project is to raise public awareness of the correct use, storage and disposal of chemicals and waste, especially in relation to children who play with used portable batteries, put them in their mouth or open them to see the contents, endangering their health and health. others. In the development of a single electronic waste collection network on the two banks, within the framework of the "Project for the collection of electronic waste" DEEE RECICLAD'or ", these children will learn how to handle waste in order toact correctly and share experience with others. -the beneficiaries of the project will be coordinated and will benefit from information and material and technical support. The project will develop a number of publications and online versions dedicated to the involvement of wide sections of the local population in the project and project activities; informing about the real situation in the field of transparency of the results and the progress of the project.