Development of public infrastructure in the Ungheni Vale district



mun. Ungheni


AO Centrul Regional de Dezvoltare Durabila

Main field:

Catalizarea soluțiilor urbane durabile


2021.02.11 - 2022.02.10

Grant amount:

47 563 $



Based on the major discrepancies currently existing in terms of infrastructure and public services in the Ungheni Vale neighborhood: reduced access to centralized sewerage and low security due to inefficient street lighting, it is of major importance to ensure equal conditions for all residents of Ungheni. Thus, the aim of the project is to improve the public infrastructure of the Ungheni Vale neighborhood by ensuring the safety of citizens and reducing environmental pollution factors.
Specific objectives:
1. Improving the sewerage infrastructure in the Ungheni Vale neighborhood by expanding and developing the service in conditions of safety and protection of the health of the inhabitants.
2. Improving the street lighting system by ensuring energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions.
3. Increasing the degree of information and ecological awareness of the population.
Target groups:
• Ungheni City Hall.
• “Pyretus” Local Initiative Group (GIL)
• “Apa-Canal” Ungheni
• Ungheni Public Health Center
• Involvement of economic agents through young entrepreneurs within AO JCI Ungheni
Main activities:
• Actions to strengthen the collaboration of LPA - GIL "Pyretus"
• Extension works of the centralized sewerage system
• Ecological education and awareness
• Public lighting works
• Actions to disseminate good practices
• Strengthening the collaboration between the City Hall of Ungheni and GIL "Pyretus”.
• Reducing pollution and improving the quality of life and health of the population by expanding the sewerage system and wastewater treatment according to regulations.
• Installation of an energy efficient street lighting system in the Ungheni Vale neighborhood.
• Citizens have information and are aware of the importance of wastewater treatment, energy performance measures, rational consumption of natural resources.
• Increased knowledge of relevant Community actors in the field of energy regarding the current situation of the sector.