Keeping the village clean



Ermoclia village, Stefan-Voda district


PA Parinti Educatori ”Andries”

Main field:

Coalitions for the management of local and global chemicals


2018.04.19 - 2019.06.30

Grant amount:

8330 $



The project will be implemented in Ermoclia village, Stefan Voda district.

In the current context of massive environmental pollution, more and more emphasis is being placed on finding solutions to reduce the destruction of nature and the environment we live in. People must be aware of the harmful effects their actions have on the environment and affecting future generation. If no urgent action is taken to reduce pollution and protect the environment, the human life will be marked by the negative effects of one’s actions.

In both at the local and regional level, public sanitation services are at an early stage of activity. In the absence of sources that would allow the purchase of the necessary vehicles and containers, some of the mayoralties have arranged storage facilities and allow citizens to transport their own household waste. Other mayoralties periodically organize means of transport for the disposal of garbage, but these actions are insufficient to create favorable conditions for the collection of domestic waste from all private households. As a consequence, the locals throw the garbage around the forest strips, in the field or along the local roads. Thus, soil, groundwater is polluted, and during rains and river waters waste is fed into rivers and lakes. The waste crisis of the last period affects us individually. The fact that garbage dumps become inadequate can not be ignored.

The main problems of the area that were identified are as follows:

  • lack of information in rural areas regarding inadequate waste management;
  • lack of infrastructure and sanitation services in the locality;
  • inappropriate behavior towards chemicals, pesticides and their packaging;
  • abundance of waste/rubbish on rivers, fields and green spaces;
  • storing the electrical and household waste close to households, where children often have access to.

“Keeping the village clean” aims to minimize recyclable and/or non-biodegradable waste as well as informing the population about the need to have and maintain a clean environment by separating recyclable waste and/or non-biodegradable waste from household waste, thereby contributing to the improvement of the ecological situation on the territory of the locality.

Project’s objectives:

  1. Informing citizens on the benefits of implementing the project with the involvement of 15 young volunteers;
  2. Creating an ecological behavior among young people and village residents through the organization of 3 instructive activities;
  3. Strengthening the capacities in sorting and waste management by connecting 700 individual households from Ermoclia village to the sanitation services.