Project ideas should be formulated within the framework established by GEF focal areas strategies for Operational Phase 6 and SGP Country Programme Strategy for Moldova in terms of goals, outcomes, outputs and activities with the aim to decide, whether or not it is worth going ahead with designing a detailed project document.

Once a project idea has been defined, a project concept paper should be developed in order to expand the idea, and enable those responsible for appraising the concept to determine whether the proposed undertaking is viable, fits with community’s needs, and also within the SGP Country Programme Strategy. Developing a project concept involves the i...



The grant selection process, step by step, consists of the following:

  1. Contact the SGP National Coordinator. As the first step, the organization should contact the National Coordinator, in order to get insights about the Country Programme Strategy, including the priorities established by the National Steering Committee. The NC will provide the necessary application forms and guides.
  2. The project concept development. The project concept is a preliminary presentation of the project’s idea that the NGO wants to develop. The project’s idea description should not exceed 1-2 pages. The project concepts can be sent by...



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