s.Văleni, raionul Cahul


AO Ecoscut

Main field:

Climatic changes


2021.03.15 - 2022.09.15

Grant amount:

49 995 $


In procces

The current project derives from the Action Plan outlined within the Panel on ``Tourism and Rural Development`` of the Vth Edition of the Gala of Students Native From Moldova (GSORM) and the VIth Edition of the Gala‘s Innovation Hub focused on ``SMART Solutions for SMART Communities. In the light of the recent movement towards SMART Cities solutions, streaming the urban services and making life easier for the inhabitants of big cities, specifically within the countries of
the Black Sea Basin, most of them highly rural, the rural communities have been largely overlooked by the advancement of Smart Solutions, which can bring a great amount of innovation, specifically within the Sustainable Touristic sector (Eco-Tourism, rural tourism , wine tourism, etc. , while alleviating the effects of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and anchoring the project in the upward trend towards digitalization, efficiency and green energy. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to revitalize the Lower Prut region economically by advocating for carbon free energy sources and SMART City solutions integrated in sustainable touristic activities; while involving the local community in the long-term development of the local infrastructure in the newly established ``Lower Prut`` UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. By creating new jobs locally and transferring the know-how from the project `` Alba Iulia Smart City`` thanks to our partners from Romanian Business Leaders, we aim to develop premises for `` The first SMART village in Moldova``, using digital and renewable energy solutions in the development of sustainable tourism, inspiring a successful model in the surrounding rural communities and to position eco-tourism and socially-led innovation as an economic alternative for the massive migration to more economically developed countries . This project will also serve as an incubator of good practices and rural action, developing beneficial synergies with the Center of Excellence in IT currently developing in Cahul with the support of the EU ; implementation of the two projects bringing long-term change both in the Bioshpere Reserve and for the whole of Moldova.