The construction of a bio-gas station

The biogas station is built on the territory of the monastery "Nasterea Domnului" near the village Zabriceni, Edinet district, Republic of Moldova, where a household and an organic farm operate.

Its construction was carried out within the implementation of the project "Developing organic agriculture in combination with renewable energy sources", by NGO "Rural Women".

For its construction, the project partners, PA "ACT Ormax" and the Monastery "Nasterea Domnului" examined in detail the construction costs, operating costs, operating risks and barriers.

Given the fact that animal manure has a rather low methane yield, animal manure is not subjected to digestion process itself, but in combination with other co-substrates, with high methane yield, in order to increase biogas production. For co-substrates fodder plant debris it has been designed and built chopper. The raw material is deposited in pre-storage tank and is introduced by pumps. All construction of biogas stations were made by AO "ACT Ormax" and the monks of the monastery.