Application of regulatory provisions on packaging and packaging waste





A.O. Reciclare

Main field:

Coalitions for the management of local and global chemicals


08.2021 - 02.2023

Grant amount:

33 688 $


In procces

Focusing on the need for sustainable practices, this project is dedicated to creating new value chains in waste management, with a focus on promoting the benefits of recycling and environmentally friendly approaches to the management of materials and chemicals, through the inclusive participation of drivers to reduce waste storage or discharge.

This project comes to meet the requirements of the new waste law no. 209/2016, which introduces the Extended Producer Responsibility (REP) instrument, being part of the circular economy approaches in the waste treatment process and focuses on materials recovery and pollution prevention.

Thus, the general objective of the project is to increase the share of recycled waste by developing and implementing the model of Extended Producer Responsibility (REP) for packaging waste in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, in order to increase the share of recycled packaging waste, there is a need to lay the foundations for the operation of the extended producer responsibility principle, which consists in: creating a collective waste management system (OTR) by concluding agreements between OTRs and packaging waste producers; creation of the information system for collecting and reporting data on packaging waste, operated by OTR; drawing up the package of legal agreements between packaging manufacturers and OTRs and between OTRs and recyclers; the development and adopting of coercive measures for packaging waste producers, which would stimulate their openness to comply with the REP principle; the permanent development of an extensive communication campaign with consumers, in order to get them to participate in the process of separate collection of packaging waste. Thus, this project comes to carry out activities that lay the foundations for the operation of the principle of extended responsibility of the producer for packaging waste.