Energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions in the activity of preschool institutions in Soldanesti





AO Asociatia de Dezvoltare Social Economica a orașului Șoldănești

Main field:

Climatic changes


2021.03.15 - 2022.03.15

Grant amount:

40 018 $


In procces

The concern of the Soldanesti city authorities for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in local development policies highlights a high degree of awareness regarding current environmental issues. In 2016, Soldanesti City Hall formalized its views towards this issue by joining the Covenant of Mayors and
developing and approving the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), which was planned to be implemented over the following 4 years. Due to the limited financial resources, the electoral cycle but also the limited time horizon, only a few actions have been implemented, the rest remaining only listed but unrealized activities.

With the support of the Small Grants Program of the Global Environmental Fund, the City Hall aims to update the SECAP, which provides an overview of the necessary investments in the field of reducing energy consumption at the local level but also greenhouse gas emissions. Also, the mayor's office has already planned to carry out specific investment activities. An energy audit for Mărțișor kindergarten has already been developed, being the first step in the process of identifying the optimal measures necessary to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. The investment part of this project will be made by equipping the institution's kitchen with a high-performance ventilation system with thermal energy recovery, which will reduce energy losses of the institution, installation of a system for producing electricity from solar energy and hot water preparation by installing a system of solar collectors. In the context of the same project, the local public authority initiated the process of contracting a concessional loan from the Nordic Environment FInance Corporation (NEFCO) which involves thermal insulation of the building, roof renovation, carpentry change, renovation of the internal heating system by replacing radiators and pipes and installation of thermostatic valves. These measures will be implemented during 2021, in the amount of approximately 234,000 Euro, which will make Martisor kindergarten a model of public building both locally and regionally. In this regard, the local public authority considers the blending of funding sources to be attracted in this project as a unique opportunity for the city, and the support provided by the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility would bring obvious benefits, which will achieve several goals and namely:
1 Creating an adequate local framework for making investments in the field of energy efficiency in Soldanesti city - updating the SEAP with its transformation into SECAP;
2 Realization of a model project to increase energy efficiency from blended sources, grant and loan at Martisor kindergarten in Soldanesti city;
3 Increasing the degree of attracting investments in the city by applying to the calls launched by the European Commission starting with 2021 (Covenant of Mayors);
4 Increasing the degree of awareness of the Soldanesti city inhabitants and in the region in the field of energy efficiency and its benefits.