Partnership for a Clean Environment - II



or. Criuleni


AO Femeia și Copilul – Protecție și Sprijin

Main field:

Coalitions for the management of local and global chemicals


2021.03.15 - 2022.03.15

Grant amount:

49 997 $


In procces

The overall objective of the project is to empower local partnerships between LPAs, CSOs, economic agents and citizens to ensure efficient waste management. This approach is significant to continue in the context of the global environmental objectives, the GEF SGP Country Strategy, as well as the actions initiated to strengthen local partnerships, to ensure mechanisms on the selective waste collection management, which has begun to highlight in the
previous stage of implementation of the project "Partnership for a clean environment", carried out in 2019-2020.

The specific objectives of the project, which will contribute to the achievement of the proposed goal, will focus on two key dimensions:

1) modernization of the infrastructure and the process of selective waste collection in the city. Criuleni and the villages of Ohrincea and Zolonceni

2) strengthening the intersectoral partnership to increase the access to sanitation services and selective waste collection conditions for a larger number of citizens, economic agents in Criuleni City Hall.

To this end, activities will be carried out to update the locations of the waste collection platforms, being redesigned and rebuilt 11 city platforms, acquiring garbage cans for household waste located on redeveloped city platforms, organized visits with exchange of experience. The category of waste subject to recycling will also be extended, with boxes being set up on the territory of the municipal enterprise for the storage of recyclable objects for household use (such as old furniture, electronic equipment and household appliances). In order to properly implement the project and strengthen the local coalition of partners and responsible citizens, the local project coordination group will be set up, which will activate and monitor the results throughout the project. In parallel, the coordination group and the project implementation team will provide support to ensure the access to sanitation services in Ohrincea village and the development of local policy documents that will ensure the sustainability of the results obtained. Relevant for ensuring the impact and complex approach of the problem to be solved through this project will be a comprehensive advocacy campaign, focused on educating citizens and changing attitudes.