The use of low capacity wind installations in social Institutions for the implementation of the “My Metering” support scheme and the elaboration of a replication model in rural areas



comuna Tohatin, mun.Chișinău


AO Educație pentru Dezvoltare

Main field:

Climatic changes


2021.02.08 - 2022.02.07

Grant amount:

49854 $


In procces

The General Objective of the project is the introduction of new technologies for generating electricity from renewable sources which will reduce electricity costs, will lead to the more efficient energy consumption and will generate socio-economic benefits in educational institutions.
This project addresses the problem of increased electricity consumption in social institutions, especially in education, in the context of energy resources import dependence of the country.
The project provides for the installation, commissioning and operation of 1 (one) small capacity vertical axis turbines with the total installed capacity of 3 kW at Gymnasium nr.74 in Tohatin Commune.
The teams of the Association Education for Development (AED), Gymnasium nr.74 and Tohatin commune City Council were involved in the process of elaborating the technical documentations of the project.
This project comes as a synchronization of the activities of the modernization of the lighting system in the Gymnasium nr.74 planned for the period 2020 - 2021 and continuation of the activities for the implementation of energy efficiency measures carried out in 2018 - 2020. The energy efficiency already implemented will give added value to the results of the wind installation project.
The objectives and activities of the project are strong correlated with both the general and or specific focal areas identified in the Country Strategy of GEF SGP and the National Plans and Strategies of the Republic of Moldova in the field of renewable energy and environment.